Experience your authentic self. Experience Akashic Alignment.

Jennifer Diallo 

Advanced Soul Realignment© Practitioner 

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Are you ready to get to know yourself better? Dive deeper…into greater self-awareness and more expanded self-expression? 

47177795_2086983094657537_6740353023861587968_nAre you headed in the right direction, at a slower pace than you like? Does something feel a little off? What is holding you back?

Is this the life you were meant to live? Do you wonder how you got here and where you left the true you?

Discover your original Soul blueprint!

Find out who you are meant to be with an Akashic Alignment reading and then clear whatever is preventing you from showing up for yourself – as the glorious, magnificent soul that you are in essence! In your session, we download your soul blueprint from the Akashic Record, explore your Divine gifts, soul vibration rate and life lessons, and then look at the blocks and restrictions preventing you from being you. And we clear what no longer serves you. You will feel lighter, stronger, more focused and, most importantly, more like yourself!

I am here to support you in the breathtakingly beautiful work of remembering who you are. Let me tell you your Soul’s story and reveal the essential design for your life. As you recognize and embrace your authentic soul nature, you will experience focus and clarity in your relationships, career, and spiritual path. When you understand how your soul mission, life lessons, and divine gifts show up in your everyday life, you attune to your unique rhythm and abundance flows easily and effortlessly.

I create a safe, sacred space for you to see and remember who you are at Soul level and support you in removing whatever holds you back from the true expression of your divine gifts. And, when the blocks are cleared away, I bear witness to that beautiful moment when you fall in love with your soul/self again.

Please feel free to roam around then use the link on the Services and Products page to schedule your appointment. Or you can call,  text, or send me an email.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in revealing your best life.

–  Jennifer Diallo

What is Akashic Alignment? It’s my name for the Soul Realignment body of work created by Andrrea Hess, my teacher. I have taken all three levels of Soul Realignment and am now enrolled in the future focused work of intention setting in the Akashic field. To find out more about Soul Realignment and the training Andrrea offers, click on the image below. You can learn to access the Akashic Record for yourself and others. And, if you decide to sign up for a class, please use this link. I will get a small referral bonus, and I thank you in advance!

All love, Jennifer