About Jennifer Diallo

Jennifer Diallo is a spiritual guide and an intuitive energy healer who integrates practices from many different traditions and modalities into her work with clients.

A Spiritual Practitioner

Jennifer’s spiritual path began in her teens when her sister’s husband began giving her metaphysical books to read. During high school, Jennifer fell in love with the beauty and mystery of the Catholic Mass and in her twenties, she discovered the beauty and peace of Islam and the Sufi path of the enlightened heart.

After living in a Sufi community in New York City for a year and a Muslim village in Africa for 8 years with her husband and child, Jennifer returned to the US with her young child, and continued to explore the spiritual path, eventually discovering New Thought movements and, in particular, Centers for Spiritual Living, where all paths to God are recognized. While taking classes at a local center, Jennifer experienced profound shifts in consciousness through meditation and dedicated spiritual practice. She is now in her second year of study to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner for Centers for Spiritual Living. As a Spiritual Practitioner, Jennifer uses the Power of the Word spoken in affirmation to support clients in claiming their purpose, abundance, peace, clarity, and freedom, while clearing what no longer serves them.

Intuitive Energy Healer

Jennifer has studied metaphysical and intuitive healing modalities for more than 15 years, integrating different methods and teachings into her practice over time to serve her client’s needs. Some of the modalities she has studied include:

Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner

Reiki, 3rd degree

Chakra healing and energy clearing

AromaTouch essential oil treatment

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)



Apart from the modalities she has studied, Jennifer has experienced healing herself through many different modalities, including Rubenfeld Synergy, ReConnection, Emotion Code, and Shamanism.

As an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Jennifer accesses your Akashic Record in the Quantum field to reveal and release whatever stands in the way of you showing up authentically as your uniquely and Divinely-designed self, ready and able to fulfill your own Svadharma in the world. Jennifer truly believes that each soul has a unique blueprint that equips her or him to make a contribution to the greater good while experiencing the bliss and joy of sharing their own special gifts, their genius, with the world. As we each find and express that which is our unique genius, we create a better world for all.

Jennifer grew up in a military family that constantly moved from one end of the country to the other. She has no hometown and has adopted Portland, Oregon as her home base. Jennifer lost her beloved ex-husband three years ago. Their son, Michael, also lives in Portland and works in the film industry. Jennifer and her son enjoy the bounty of Oregon’s “foodie” culture and the abundance of shellfish, as well as the recreational opportunities of the Pacific Northwest. Her favorite places are the Oregon Coast and the mountain lakes on Mount Hood. Her favorite activities are road trips and kayaking.

Jennifer is a lifelong learner and avid reader, who is currently reading Quantum Revelation by Paul Levy and Belonging by Toko-Pa Turner. Other favorite authors and teachers are Mark Nepo, John O’Donohue, Rumi, Hafiz, and Teilhard de Chardin.