About Akashic Alignment…

What does it mean to align to your original Soul blueprint in the Akashic Field?

An Akashic Alignment is a powerful transformational experience that helps you find and embrace the authentic person that you are at “soul level” – underneath all the ideas of who you “should” be and what you “should” do – things that you learned throughout a lifetime of socialization and conditioning. Revealing the authentic self – who you truly are, the person you were born to be – is a realignment to your soul blueprint or true nature. It allows you to express your highest vibration – it is still all YOU, just you as your best self!

During the Alignment, you will experience the beauty and magnificent design of your essential Soul, and glimpse your life purpose and gifts as well as the themes you chose to explore during this lifetime. Each blueprint is UNIQUE and MAGNIFICENT!

In the Clearing part of your session, you will release blocks and restrictions from previous lifetimes and trauma from this lifetime, as well as genetic and generational imprints on your Soul that you picked up from the ancestral family lineage that you merged into as part of this current incarnation.

Your Alignment is individualized to reflect your unique soul experience. This is a personalized journey of self-discovery; a journey that leads to a happier, more vibrant life experience.

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