My philosophy and approach to divination and healing work

Ernest Holmes used to say, “Awareness is curative.” We cannot grow if we are not aware of the barriers to our growth. Once we become aware of the barriers, the process of moving past them has already begun. The awareness is the key to spiritual development. As a Sufi initiate, I was given the name Khabira, which means “the one who is aware”. It is a quality of the Divine, to be aware. What I learned pretty quickly is that a spiritual name gives you marching orders rather than accolades. It reflects the area that will provide your greatest growth, and is not a statement that you have arrived. Ever since that beautiful name was bestowed on me by a beloved teacher, my path has been one of growing awareness. I recently learned from my own Soul Realignment process that Awareness is one of my Soul Lessons, so it means even more to me to know that the name given to me was predestined by my own choice of that theme for my life in this experience of embodiment at this time on the planet Earth. I am deeply devoted to revealing my own True Nature through spiritual self-realization practices like Soul Realignment. And it gives me even greater joy to share in and witness your journey!

In my personal journey to awareness, I have used many tools, metaphors, stories and strategies. Divination and deep listening to the inner voice that guides me are two of my preferred methods for accessing the deep pool of wisdom in which we all dip our toes and come out refreshed and more aware of our Connection and Unity. As a intuitive and energy healer, my approach is to deeply listen to you, and to share my knowledge and experience of archetypes, journeying, symbols, spiritual practices and energy healing, and, most of all, to hold the sacred space for your process as you listen to your own inner voice and become aware of your next step, deepest desire, clarity or strength.

I am neither your guide nor an expert on your life and how to do it. I am simply a companion of the soul, offering you a space and support to hold you while you expand into your True Nature.