What is the Akashic Record?

This is often the first question I hear right after I answer the question about what I do. It is always astounding to realize that we know so little about what happens to the soul outside of a single, current lifetime – particularly when we realize that concepts like the Akashic Record, the journey of souls, reincarnation and where we are and what we do as souls when we are not in a body are all topics and concepts that have been written about, explored, studied, researched and written about since, well, time immemorial. In fact, a lot of what we know about the Akashic Record is referenced in ancient scriptures of various religious texts, including the Christian biblical scriptures! That said, we most definitely do not learn about this in church. But once upon a time, before so many things were rewritten, revised, or struck from the scriptures, we may have learned this ancient knowledge as a way to healing and self-realization.

The word Akasha means primordial substance. It is into this substance that every thought, deed, emotion and experience is recorded for every soul that has ever been formed out of the Creative Source Energy that is known by many names and forms and most often called God. A record exists for every soul and retains the information of every lifetime that soul has lived, and every experience of every lifetime. That’s right – EVERY experience of every lifetime is recorded. And not only the experiences, but also the thoughts, words and emotions! This alone makes a person sit up and take notice of their thoughts and words. This record is called by different names in different traditions and texts – The Book of Life is one of those names mentioned in many religious texts.

So what is the value of this Book or Record? Its value is the knowledge of your past choices and future options. The fundamental tenet of this teaching is that we are ALWAYS at choice. We may not choose every situation or circumstance presented to us in our lives, but we ALWAYS choose how we respond or react to it. In every lifetime, a person is at a zillion choice points every day. How we respond to those choices, and whether we make choices that support our soul purpose and use our gifts or whether we hide our light and try to fit in or whether we use our gifts to hurt and destroy rather than to support and express unconditional love – all of this goes into the record. And when we travel to the other side of the veil at death, the accounting of these experiences informs our next experience. We review our life and recognize, with help from our wiser higher self and our guides and teachers, that we didn’t always make good choices and then we look forward to another opportunity to return to Earth and try again. The process of soul development is a constant effort and souls may do it at their own pace – sometimes excruciatingly slowly, as in the case of one of the souls Dr. Michael Newton met in his research of life between lives. He wrote about this case in his book, Journey of Souls. This particular soul came to Earth more than 1000 times to learn the lessons of jealousy, making bad choices every single lifetime – until he finally didn’t. He finally got it! He finally learned the lesson and moved on! A thousand lifetimes spent on a single lesson! That is highly unusual, but it is not at all unusual to spend multiple lifetimes on a single lesson. And it is just as possible to master more than one lesson in a single lifetime when one is learning from mistakes and making better choices consistently.

What do I mean by good choices? Choices that are in alignment with your authentic soul essence – with who and what you came here to be. We all know someone who is doing that if we think about it. It’s that person who is unconditionally loving and kind, clear and focused, seems really happy doing exactly what he or she is most suited to doing, and has a strong faith or connection through consistent spiritual practice. When I lived in a French-speaking country that person was described as someone who is “bien dans sa peau” or “well in his skin,” That’s a way of saying someone who is comfortable with who he is and happy with his life. I mean REALLY happy, regardless of the circumstances. A person who would be just as happy to be poor as to be rich, just as happy no matter where they live. A person who is so comfortable with himself or herself and confident and at ease with life that whatever comes their way, they somehow are never fazed and just live in profound acceptance and authentic joy. Achieving this state is high spiritual work and when one does, that level of mastery is evident.

For most of us, there is some stuff preventing us from achieving that level of happiness. Some of that stuff is from the current lifetime – family dynamics, generational trauma and difficult or traumatic life experiences may have left emotional and mental scars that are stored in our energy field and cause us to close our heart or protect ourselves from further pain or suffering. But that closing off of our heart blocks our energy and decreases the flow of good into our lives! And if we are hurt and see ourselves as victims, we forget that we co-create our lives and it is hard to see how our choices have led to creating our current misery. It may even be too hard to hear that we might have had some role in creating our misery, and that only makes it harder to progress beyond that point of pain to find the path to more happiness.

And, besides the pain of their current life experience or family trauma, many people are also carrying some residue from past life experiences in their energy field. Stuff they were unable to release in the clearing that occurs in between lifetimes, or were unable to resolve and needed to come back to Earth to experience again and layer more understanding onto the previous unresolved experience. I recently had a client who had experienced the same relationship with the same soul for more than 200 lifetimes. She had unresolved anxiety all of her life and could not figure out the root cause from anything that happened in this lifetime. There were some contributing experiences in this lifetime, but even once resolved, the anxiety remained. The root cause was this relationship that she experienced over and over again for many, many lifetimes. And learning about this during her soul realignment was a revelation that allowed her to release the hold that relationship had on her and the resulting anxiety stored in her mental body. We are souls made of energy, living temporarily in a physical body.

When we can heal and release these blocks and restrictions from lifetimes of pain and hurt in human experiences and relationships, we can move closer to the self-realization that brings us to that state of authentic joy and unconditional love. What I know is true is that when a person experiences soul realignment, that person will know what this state of alignment feels like – clients have described it as calm, focused, freedom. What I witness is that clients just want to sit in that space of connection and feel that rare feeling of bliss for a long time and I love to sit in the bliss with them and see the joy reflected on their faces and feel the joyous energy of their clear and aligned state of being. After the session, they are free again to make choices that lead to more of this joy, or to choose to resume their past patterns and behaviors that lead to escape and hiding their true nature and living in pain and suffering. We are always at choice. Soul realignment is a way of remembering who we are and realizing that we have a choice. It is a powerful transformational process. I have seen it change many lives on a profound level. And I have seen someone I dearly love experience this beautiful process and then go right back to escaping into the distractions of the human experience and not choose to stay in alignment. It is my joy and honor to guide every person who comes to me through this beautiful process of realignment and to celebrate with you the magnificence of your soul as it is revealed to us. For most people, one glimpse into their true soul nature is enough. Seeing the extent of your power and the glory of that soul connection to Source Energy is profoundly healing and awakens the possibilities that have been dormant up to now. Giving yourself or a loved one a soul realignment session is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Wouldn’t you want everyone you love to see their true potential and beauty. I gave my own son a soul realignment and it was amazing to witness the changes in his life as he moved more confidently in the world with his focus more honed and using and trusting his innate gifts. There is nothing else I have given him in his whole life that has been more empowering than this. If you are interested in reading more stories of how soul realignment has benefitted past clients, please visit my Praise and Press page by clicking here.

I hope this article has been useful in explaining a little bit about the Akashic Record and how it is used for healing and alignment with the soul’s purpose. Please feel free to email me if you have any unanswered questions. If you would like to schedule a soul realignment session, you can do that right here on my website. Go to the Products and Services page or click here to go directly to the scheduling app.

Next month, I will be writing about soul purpose and some of the things I have learned about how we continue to work on soul development between lives. If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Michael Newton’s research on this topic, I highly recommend his books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls as well as the work of Dr. Brian Weiss who wrote many books on his clients who experienced past life memories during therapy sessions. Both of these doctors are trained and experienced psychologists who applied a scientific research methodology to the data they collected in many recorded sessions over the course of their long careers and built an evidence base that helps us understand more about how our souls develop and experience life both in the physical realm of Earth and the etheric realm beyond the veil.

Thank you for joining me and sharing this with others. I look forward to meeting you in a session very soon!


The Dreaming Way…

I’ve been participating in a class on dreams with David Rivinus, author of  “Always Dreaming” and this dreaming way of looking at life has had a profound effect on my waking life. In this class, we assume that dreams are real and reality is a dream. Stay with me… What it means is that both dream events and real events are presumed to be metaphorical interpretations of your soul trying to communicate something. The language of the soul is image and metaphor. That is why we use visualization and images in both therapy and goal-setting processes.

In this dreaming class, we use language like “if this were my dream, I would say that…” Which somehow frees the mind from thinking of this as real, and removes the drama or trauma from what might be an emotionally charged situation in real life, and takes it to a place where we are in an observer perspective and can analyze the event as a metaphor. One of the most powerful aspects of this practice is that I have integrated it into my way of dealing with incident response in “real life.” If something happens “to me,” instead of reacting emotionally, I can ask myself, what part of me is doing this to myself or someone else? For example, the other day someone was dismissive of my feelings, and I quickly went to the question, “what part of me is dismissive of my own or other people’s feelings.”

This approach has shifted something deeply in me and given me a peaceful, compassionate way of meeting the difficult parts of myself, while also allowing me to escape the victim mode I grew up in and lived in for so long. I always fought being a victim and hated anyone calling me out on it. I was proud of being strong, a survivor of so much trauma; proud of being brave. Now I have shifted to accepting and allowing my sensitivity and vulnerability and exploring these “incidents” as a way to deeper understanding of myself and how I relate to others. 

As I become more aware of my dreams and also recognize what may be dream sequences playing out in real life, I am noticing how much power we give to our sleeping dreams as the place to process complex human experiences and resolve them. I also notice how much we reference dreams in our talking about our real daily lives and loves. When life is really good, we say we are “living the dream.” When it’s really bad, we say, “It’s a nightmare.” Maybe on some soul level, we know that it is really all a dream? It certainly has improved my experience of life to look at it that way.

Somehow, life is softer in the dreaming world. Hurts seem less personal and painful when I am in observer mode in the dreaming way. And isn’t that what growth and maturity are all about? Being able to rise beyond the mucky swamp of taking things personally and look for the higher purpose or redeeming value of our experiences of being human. Lately, the contrast between my very human behaviors and my higher, more refined way of being in alignment with spirit has become much more apparent to me. And when I notice myself acting or thinking like I was raised by wolves, or notice my Neanderthal bloodline showing, I am horrified and ashamed. And then I remember that I although I am human, my true nature is pure Spirit. I am a spiritual being having a very human experience. And, I know better – which means I can do better and be better. And so I treat myself with more compassion, loving myself through my human moments as I would my beloved child when he was learning social graces. I give myself more space and don’t try to force myself into other people’s ideas of who and how I should be. And when I need support to see the best parts of myself, I spend more time in meditation where I am more in touch with the Better Angels of my Nature. The part of me that knows my True Nature as a part of the One Spirit in the place where we are all connected to each other as unique parts of a collective consciousness that transcends the human differences that divide us.

Decks I use for the Talisman(c) Holistic Tarot technique

Chakra cards Deck of 1000 Spreads RWA Secret Language of Animals

At the workshop last weekend at Northwest Tarot Symposium, I promised to post this list of decks I use regularly for the holistic energy healing type of reading I created. Here is a preliminary list. I will add more soon:

I start with question cards from the Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Sadler. I place Tarot cards on the question cards, and the decks I use most are the DruidCraft and Chrysalis Tarot decks.

Next are Chakra cards and Compass cards: I mostly use the cards from the Rainbow Warrior Awaken deck by Trinity Carosio and Mara Friedman, who are a local Oregon psychologist and an artist. I also love artist Jo Jayson’s Chakra Goddess cards.

Mudra cards: I like to work with mudras to support chakra alignment. The Chakra cards by Cees Weteling include a set of mudra cards for the seven chakras. I’ve seen some other new mudra card decks lately and might review another one soon.

Then, the Ally cards:

Animal ally: I mostly use The Secret Language of Animals because I love the writing and the images are stunning.

Mineral ally: There are two crystal decks that I love, Crystal Deva cards and Crystal Ally cards. I use the small palm sized Book of Stones for the description of the crystal properties because it has information on the vibrational frequency as well as the associated chakra and healing properties.

Plant ally: I don’t always use a deck for this one as I have intuitive and learned knowledge of the essential oils and often an essential oil comes to me during the reading based on the emotional element of the reading. A good plant oracle option is The Druid Plant Oracle, or there are some herbal or flower Tarot and oracle cards available out there. If you prefer to work with flower essences instead of essential oils, I recommend Isha Lerner’s Power of Flowers deck.


Basking in the glow of the Tarot Tribe reunion at NWTS

Book of Shadows 2

Clip from the film “Book of Shadows: The Lost Code of Tarot” by Andrea Aste


The long-awaited Northwest Tarot Symposium is over and I am basking in the glow of a successful workshop at the event. What a wonderful opportunity to be with the Tarot tribe and to share this ancient and modern practice with others who invest in developing their own intuitive gifts in the service of others and the craft. We were graced with the knowledge and wisdom of Mary Greer, scholar and author of many Tarot books and LeNormand resourses and what a surprise to see her featured in Andrea Aste’s new film! Rana George, the always glamorous and entertaining LeNormand expert and author of a definitive book on the French card system gave a fun and high energy workshop on the Grand Tableau using the story of The Phantom of the Opera as background for the client’s question. It was great to meet Wald Amberstone, creator of Reader’s Studio and a leader in Tarot education. What a treat to have Wald come to NWTS! Gina Thies, Dallas psychic, author of Tarot Coupling, and talk show host on the Oracle Soup podcast was our Mistress of opening ceremonies and showed her serious side in a workshop on taking your business pro. The rest of the time she was shimmering with classy style, like her silver shoes that rival her “Sex and the City” clientele. It was great to reconnect with friends in the Tarot world, near and far, and meet new friends, too. I miss everyone already and look forward to the next Tarot event and reunion!

This year’s Tarot art gallery featured the work of Eric Dunne, as well as Pamela Steele, Lisa St. Croix, Will Worthington, and many others. The art gallery and auction is one of the highlights of NWTS and really adds a special flair to the event. Jay and Jadzia DeForest should be commended over and over again for putting on a full professional program that supports learners and dabblers, as well. And even more for creating an event that entertains and just flows really smoothly. They do so many things right and create a great event that provides a wide range of wonderful sessions.

My presentation on the Talisman(c) Holistic Tarot technique was VERY well-received and I was honored to receive accolades from many of the participants afterward. I hope to offer the workshop again at New Renaissance or some other place around town. Conversations about the workshop were rich and rewarding and I have more ideas swirling around in my head about creating other workshops, Tarot art and writing.

Tonight I was over at New Renaissance Bookshop for a screening of the “Book of Shadows” film by Andrea Asti, visiting from Italy. He did another showing immediately after the conference, but I was ready to go home and put my feet up. This film is a delightful storybook with graphic animation that is so clever and creative! I am a huge fan and will be thinking of Andrea’s wonderful creative genius for a long time to come. If you have a chance to see the film, don’t miss it! It really is delightful!

Ciao for now…

Welcome to my blog

Wondering what is going on in the Tarot world in Portland these days? One hardly notices the presence of Tarot readers in Portland – perhaps because there are fewer of the fortunetelling kind of readers with neon signs calling out “Palm Reading and Tarot” and many more of our Tribe who pratice Tarot as a spiritual or healing art, using Tarot as either their core practice or an auxiliary divination tool to find out what is going on before clearing energy blocks or other forms of energy healing. That is precisely what my workshop this weekend is about – using Tarot as a tool for personal transformation. The archetypes of the Major Arcana represent the path of The Hero’s Journey, a story of human self-discovery told throughout time and across cultures. In my workshop, we use the archetypes and symbols of the Tarot as an indicator light that then points the client to what is his or hers to do in order to move forward on the path of self-love, self-respect, self-discovery. All of these steps lead to revealing the True Nature or the Soul Blueprint of the person who has come into this World for a particular purpose which can only be fulfilled by being entirely authentically herself or himself. Why is it so hard to be yourself? Because of the patterns of thought and behavior that we learn and absorb throughout our lives as we navigate the human family relationships, the systems and structures of society that accept or reject us, and most of all, because of our own reactions to these setbacks and difficulties, which become non=productive or even self-sabotage over time.

So what are you doing this weekend? Because there is this amazing event happening in Clackamas at the Monarch Hotel, called the Northwest Tarot Symposium. Come on over and step on the path of your own Hero’s Journey. Or just come to shop in the Psychic Fair and Metaphysical Market, OPEN FREE to the public on Saturday

Find out more on the event’s Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/groups/NW.Tarot.Symposium

Or peruse the Website for all the information: http://nwtarotsymposium.com/

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Tarot Conference!

Artwork by Erik C. Dunne

Artwork by Erik C. Dunne

The Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) will be held March 4th – 6th, 2016 at the Monarch Hotel and Conference Center, Portland Oregon.

This symposium is focused on cartomancy including Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand. We look forward to having students, readers, and deck creators join us for a weekend of vending, workshops, art exhibits, performance, and great networking.

See below for updated information about the symposium. If you’d like to stay in touch, please sign up for our newsletter.

You can also join our Facebook group: Northwest Tarot Symposium Facebook Group.

Our Artist

We are delighted to have Erik C. Dunne work with us on the 2016 Northwest Tarot Symposium poster art!  His fabulous artwork will be featured on this year’s t-shirt and tote bag. Erik is the creator of the Tarot Illuminati and is currently working on finishing another deck: Tarot Apokalypsis.



Free Psychic Fair & Metaphysical Market – Saturday & Sunday!

Come by the Monarch Hall Saturday and Sunday 9AM to 5PM. We have tarot and oracle readers, chocolate, crystals and stones, hand-made soap, tarot decks, journals, bumper stickers, books, art, and so much more! Click here for more details.

The Northwest Tarot Symposium

Day passes are available on-site. Registration is open Friday noon to 7PM, Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 5PM.

2016 Presenters

Here are our awesome presenter line-up. Some are from our local tarot community here in Portland, others are from across the country, and we even have one from Canada! See the workshop descriptions, here.

Mary K. Greer, Jennifer Diallo, Megan Potter, Taylore Daniel, Pamela Steele, Jaymi Elford, Leeza Robertson, Benebell Wen, Rana George, Dr. Art Rosengarten, Arwen Lynch, Heatherleigh Navarre, Kendra Hurteau, Taylor Ellwood, Ailynn, Katrina Wynne, Marcia McCord, Jennifer Lucero-Earle, Laura M. Strudwick, Melissa Cynova, Jadzia DeForest, MaryBeth, and Julia Turk