Ethics and things that need to be said…

Your session is yours to talk about and share. In the context of discussion with other professionals, I may share some aspects of a reading I’ve done for someone, but I will not divulge the person’s name or any identifying circumstances.

Akashic Alignment is an interactive process. What I expect from you is to come to the session with an open and curious mind, to participate in your own empowerment. I  appreciate that it may take time to find the type of energy healing that works best for you. I also know that there are times that going from one practitioner or modality to another is a way to avoid doing your  work and a way to avoid taking responsibility to look at yourself more deeply and facing the shadow that we all must encounter in order to grow. When serial energy healing becomes energy tourism, and this deeply engaged work is treated as a spectator sport, it is ineffective. I cannot help you if you are looking for someone else to do your work for you.

My role is to understand and interpret the symbols and convey information from your own higher wisdom, spirit guides and teachers. I also hold the sacred container for your clearing and healing. And I encourage you to bravely look at what is uncomfortable or painful with new eyes and expanding awareness.

Your role is to listen deeply to what resonates for you and identify what is important and how it relates to your situation, and then to stand in a receptive state of acceptance during the healing.

We co-create your energy clearing session based on you as the keeper of your inner wisdom and me as the facilitator, the lightholder, the guide or companion that accompanies and supports you on your journey.