I love my work and I’m grateful that my clients do too!


“I did the Soul Realignment with Jennifer and it was amazing! During the session, she gave me some very meaningful (sometimes disturbing!) information about my evolutionary journey. It helped me to understand some points in my life and be more aligned with my Truth.

But I have to tell you that the best part came afterwards! I was so much more confident and decided to follow my inner guidance. I was fulfilled with a sense of inner peace and calm. I was no longer worried about “what I should do”, because I had the certainty that I would figure it out somehow.

If you are ready to go deeper in your self-awareness, that’s the session for you!”

 – Cecilia Mariano, London, United Kingdom

“I was introduced to Jennifer’s work when I was having a very difficult time dealing with anxiety and boundaries surrounding my family of origin. My soul realignment session was very affirming and the 21 day clearing was extremely powerful. I feel like years of painful attachments and karma have been completely unwoven. I finally feel emotionally at peace and one with my divine self.”
– Erin M, Portland, OR
“I had a great session with Jennifer Diallo today. She is so good at what she does, she is very thorough, informative, forward thinking, heartfelt, and positive. I certainly recommend her for the work she does. It is a valuable experience. I could tell she had something good to share and I was right.
– Krystal A, Beaverton, OR
“My daughter has been so negative for many years. Things always happened to her and affected her so deeply. She has such a big heart and has been hurt by many people and became very depressed. As one bad thing after another hurt her, she was always asking me, ‘Do I have bad karma?’ The Soul Realignment session exceeded my expectations. I thought perhaps it might provide some insights. I had no idea that it would so profoundly affect her! The session brought together so much information about the blocks, restrictions, entities and etheric programs that were affecting her energetically. I am absolutely amazed at the powerful and immediate impact of the clearing Jennifer did! I have seen profound changes in my daughter’s life! She is singing and performing again, something she hasn’t done for many years. She is confident and happy with her songwriting and performances and has a much more positive outlook on her life. She seems more compassionate and less critical of herself and others. We talk often and in every conversation I hear the change in her voice – an upbeat attitude and positive perspective about her life and possibilities.  I’m so delighted to see my daughter shining her light and sharing her beautiful voice again.”

– Janet B., Portland, OR

“One month ago I met Jennifer Diallo for a “Soul Realignment” and experienced a wonderful positive shift on many levels. Jennifer identified many aspects of myself from my “Divine gifts” to my personal need for solitude to my “soul vibration rate.” All were things I knew to be true, and I was amazed at her accuracy. She gave me sage advice on how to increase and appreciate my gifts and understand my challenges. Further she was able to tell me specific details about past lives and a mystery school I had once been a part of, which is completely accurate and shows up in my current incarnation. And she was able to tell me about my soul specializations and lessons for this lifetime, which all resonated as true – and there is even evidence in my life that support them.

During the clearing process, Jennifer released a negative attachment that was impacting my life. I did the 21 day “Transmutation of Energy” practice after my session and I can truly say that I am feeling lighter and yet more focused and grounded. I understand many things about myself better and I feel as if I have been “fine tuned.” I believe Jennifer accomplished a great clearing and realignment for me and I am truly grateful. If you are in need of a positive shift in your energy and a re-focusing of your life, call Jennifer for a soul realignment. You will not regret experiencing her wonderful gift.
– A. Jaxen, Gladstone, OR
“I was going through a difficult period when I got my Soul Realignment from Jennifer. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I noticed a shift in my energy almost immediately. I also gained some valuable insights from Jennifer’s assessments. If you need help to get through any life phase, I recommend Jennifer highly.”
– T. Sadler, Alexandria, VA
“Jennifer brought so much wisdom and clarity to our discussion as we explored some issues in my life. She offered guidance based on archetypal patterns to address my questions and synchronistically parallelled what was happening in my life and this helped bring me awareness of patterns affecting my situation. The information I received will help change these patterns and move forward with a focus toward my goals.”
– Rose W., Lake Oswego, OR
“My experience with Jennifer’s healing work was profound and powerful. I had blockages in my heart and solar plexus chakras. Jennifer worked with me to really explore what was holding me back in my ability to give and receive love, as well as what was needing help in terms of my life passions. The process was gentle, connected and centered. Jennifer created a sacred and safe space to explore these areas and issues. The cleansing and healing had almost immediate impact on my inner state and my outer world. One month after our process, I found that I had opened myself up to love, after 11 years of stored pain, and met the most wonderful partner. I also found what I really wanted to be doing in my life a couple of months later. Until this, I had never seen such real-world manifestations of a deep healing work such as Jennifer’s. I now know how important and useful this work is to both inner and outer well-being. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your gifts!
– Jason L. Corlett, Houston, TX