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AKASHIC ALIGNMENT allows you to clearly see who you really are underneath any social and cultural conditioning. What is your Soul purpose? What are your gifts? 

AKASHIC ALIGNMENT restores your connection to Source Energy and other people. It allows you to reconnect with your own Soul Essence and to connect more authentically to other people. 

SOUL BLUEPRINT Session: Understand your Original Soul – Who are you?

In this 90-minute session we explore your Soul origins and Earth history through Past Life Akashic Record review. What is your Soul’s origin story? Are you a Starseed or a Terran? How many lifetimes have you spent on Earth? Have you been with your family, your children, or  your lover in other lifetimes? What Archangel realm do you represent? Explore your Soul origins in the stars and angelic realms as well as the history of your lives on Earth. Identify a historical period and spiritual path that offers insight and support for your current lifetime.  Includes a guided meditation journey to your Starseed home or a Past Life regression journey to better understand a current situation or relationship.



SOUL SUPERPOWERS Session: What are your gifts? What is your genius?

What are your Superpowers  – your Soul gifts? In this 90-minute session, we explore your Soul gifts, look at your energetic matrix, and identify where you are out of alignment with your genius. You’ll see the Divinely designed energetic matrix that defines your genius and supports you in achieving abundant flow through natural talents and skills that express easily and effortlessly. Compare your 5th dimensional energy matrix with how you are actually showing up in the 3D world. See where you are out of alignment with your genius and understand how to align and attract more abundance.



SOUL SEVA Session – What is yours to do? What is your unique contribution?

What are your Soul -level specializations? What life lessons did you come here to master? In this 90-minute session, we explore the best and most fulfilling and rewarding way for you to naturally provide a sacred service or seva to the World just by being YOU. Explore your unique and sacred contribution to the greater good, and understand the life lessons or themes you chose to master in this current lifetime. What do you offer to others in relationships, in your work, or as a soul-entrepreneur? Gain a deeper understanding of how to live and contribute as a conscious and awake spiritual being in the 3D physical world of Earth.



The Soul Realignment package is a complete series that includes three 90-minute sessions. In each session, we will explore some of the aspects of your Soul Blueprint and quantum experience alignment with Source Energy. You will understand what it means to fully express your gifts and be the authentic you in the world. You gain insight, deepen the connection within and with others and expand your self-worth and confidence to show up as yourself in your life. At the end of each session, we identify the blocks, restrictions and negative patterns that hold you back and then restore your energy flow in an Akashic Energy Alignment so that you regain clarity, focus and deeper understanding of who you are, what you are and how you serve on Earth.


CONTINUUM Session (for returning clients only)

60-minute session for returning clients to explore another layer of stuff coming up for clearing through the lens of a current negative condition or challenge in your life. This reading is not available to new clients. It is a one hour session to identify energy blocks related to current life circumstances or conditions that have a mental, physical or emotional impact. Research in the Akashic Records identifies the root cause or energetic imbalance underlying the condition and then treats it through an energy clearing process. The session ends with coaching and tips on supportive energy hygiene to maintain your alignment. Purchase a package of three sessions in advance and get a fourth one free.


HEART AND SOUL Relationship Session

2 hour session for two people to explore their relationship in the Akashic Field. You learn why you have shown up in each others; lives and reveal past life connections and current entanglements that may inhibit a harmonious relationship. You can explore parent-child, sibling, friend, business partner, or love relationship dynamics using the Akashic Records to understand your past life and current history with another soul. Identify contracts, cords, or other energy entanglements that may be negatively affecting your relationship. Includes a partial soul BLUEPRINT reading for each person to understand the relationship dynamics throughout time and space, AND an AKASHIC ALIGNMENT clearing to release negative energies between the two souls and reset the relationship to a higher vibrational expression.



Three 60-minute sessions to Akashic Alignment for your business. Session 1: Your business, your gifts – Identify how your offerings align with your Soul essence. Session 2: Clear energetic blocks, restrictions and entanglements that disrupt or impede your business. Session 3: Claim an intention you wish to manifest and explore the deeper dimensions of your Soul to understand how to manifest your success. Includes energetic affirmation in the Akashic Field.